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Loyalty Card Materials

Explore the range of materials we offer for your gift cards. Our chief material is premium-quality PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), renowned for its resilience, flexibility, and ability to leave lasting impressions. With PVC, your gift cards are designed to resist daily wear, ensuring they maintain their vibrant designs and details for an extended period.

In our journey toward a greener future, we recognize the increasing demand for businesses to embrace sustainable practices. Hence, we're delighted to present multiple eco-friendly plastic choices that match the durability and attractiveness of our PVC cards. These eco alternatives are designed to minimize environmental effects without sacrificing quality.

Gift Card Materials

Explore Loyalty Card Materials

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PVC is the predominant material for gift cards due to its affordability and durability. It ensures that gift cards withstand regular use while maintaining their vibrant designs and intricate details for a prolonged time. Compared to conventional paper or cardboard options, PVC boasts an extended lifespan, making it ideal for frequent use.


BIO PVC contains a unique additive that speeds up its breakdown in microbe-rich environments, enabling the cards to decompose naturally over time. Although BIO PVC has several benefits compared to standard PVC, it provides the same versatility in customization and maintains all the characteristic features.


PET-G emerges as a modern substitute for traditional plastics. Though it possesses many similarities to conventional plastics, its unique composition designates it as an eco-friendlier option. Unlike certain plastics, PET-G lacks harmful phthalates and chlorine, positioning it as a safer and more sustainable material.


Paper is renowned as one of the most eco-friendly materials humanity has adopted. Our unique paper cards are crafted from double-sided coated cardboard that complies with ISO standards. Boasting a sturdy thickness of 610gsm/0.72mm, these cards strike a balance between durability and environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Our Materials

Durability: Whether you choose our PVC or eco-friendly alternatives, rest assured that they're designed to resist scratches, bending, and fading. This ensures that your gift cards remain in prime condition for your customers.

Exceptional Print Clarity: Our chosen materials provide an optimal canvas for printing, delivering vivid hues and precise details that accentuate your brand.

Green Initiatives: Our assortment of environmentally-friendly plastics lets businesses showcase their commitment to sustainability. These choices not only minimize the carbon footprint but also appeal to eco-aware customers.

Design Versatility: Catering to diverse design specifications, our materials can be tailored for clear, frosted finishes, or even bespoke shapes and dimensions. Let your creativity run wild!

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